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Elaine K Miller, MS

  • Biography:

    I began my professional career in physical therapy, sports medicine, personal and athletic training.  I joined Kaiser Permanente in 1988 and have held a variety of positions within Kaiser Permanente Colorado in Physical Therapy, Claims and Referrals, Colorado Springs Expansion, Customer Service and Quality Resource Management.  

    In April 2007, I began my tenure with the CPMG Department of Education as Education Coordinator/Education Lead, managing regulatory and operations functions and serving as the initial point-of-contact between CPMG Department of Education, CPMG physicians, and KFHP-CO staff. I am a member of the Alliance for Continuing Education for Health Professions (ACEHP) and the Colorado Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (CACME). I am a past winner of the PEAK Award (Personal Excellence at Kaiser Permanente) and a two-time Summit Award semifinalist.


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