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Eric Brody, MD

  • Biography:

    I retired from pediatric practice at Northwest Permanente in 2002. I spent a wonderful 23 years caring for children.

    I had been doing photography for over fifty years. I was ten when I was introduced to the magical process that takes place when light-exposed photographic paper is placed into developer.

    When I arrived in Portland in 1979 from the Chicago flatlands to work at NWP, I began using a large format 4x5 camera and fell in love with the local landscape. I spent countless hours on Mt Hood, on the Oregon coast, and in the Columbia Gorge making photographs. I traveled in the desert southwest, and in California and studied with some superb fine art photographers including John Sexton, Bruce Barnbaum, Ray McSavaney and Stu Levy. I now photograph with digital equipment, and print with a pigment printer. I am privileged to exhibit my work locally from time to time.


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