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Jennifer Phillips, MD

  • Biography:

    I am Dr Jennifer K Phillips, a Professor at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Department of Family and Community Medicine, and I am the Associate Chair of that department.  Before that I was the Vice Chair for Clinical Services from 2013-2017. I was also elected by the University of New Mexico Medical Staff to serve as Chief of Staff for UNM Hospital and Clinics for 2017-2018 and I am now on the board of trustees of the hospital until the end of 2020.  

    I am a lifelong New Mexican and graduated from UNM undergraduate program in 1997 and UNM Medical School in 2001. I completed 3 years of my residency at UNM Program in Family and Community Medicine and became faculty in November 2005. My special clinical interests are women’s health and reproduction, obstetrics, pediatrics, and preventive care. 

    I come from a long line of educators and like to teach those who would like to learn about health and medicine. I practice patient-centered care, and seek to inspire my patients to be attentive to living healthy lives, involving the body, mind, and spirit. My current passions are creating systems and leading teams that address the social determinants of health, celebrate and promote diversity, and reduce health disparities in New Mexico.

    I am married to Jack Rotach (a nurse at UNM), we share two children, Alex and Leili. We all live together in Albuquerque, NM; two daughters, two cats, two dogs and two geckos. We enjoy salsa dancing, camping, traveling, and gardening together.

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