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    . . .a thin triangular flap of a heart valve. . . a small book usually having a paper cover . . . a medical lit-art e-journal from The Permanente Press
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Robert Goldfien, MD

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    I attended medical school at University of California, San Francisco and trained in Internal Medicine at University of California, San Diego, followed by six years of basic science research at Scripps Clinic and University of California, San Francisco and a clinical Rheumatology Fellowship. I joined The Permanente Medical Group in Richmond in 1991. I was Chief of Medicine in Richmond from 1997-2006 and am currently APIC for East Bay.

    I believe that being a good physician and a good photographer rely heavily on being able to focus my attention outside myself and clear my mind so that I can hear and see clearly. This is the basis for the empathy that fosters healing and artistic expression.


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