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    . . .a thin triangular flap of a heart valve. . . a small book usually having a paper cover . . . a medical lit-art e-journal from The Permanente Press
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Volume 2; Issue 2

As I review the offerings in this issue of leaflet, I realize that in the written pieces there is a resonating theme of loss – loss of loved ones, loss of memory, loss of youth – and the resilient human spirit that allows us to continue on. Through poetry and short stories, the authors reveal their humanity and compassion.

The visual arts tell their own stories in images from petroglyphs to a city street, a flock of birds in a sunset to a volcano, a vase of lilies – reflecting the symbol of loss – to a First Communion – a belief in life continuing.

leaflet offers all of these and more. I hope you are inspired, provoked, and given to thought by this issue.

—Max McMillen, ELS