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    . . .a thin triangular flap of a heart valve. . . a small book usually having a paper cover . . . a medical lit-art e-journal from The Permanente Press
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Volume 6; Issue 1

The material for this issue comes from several years of submissions from the Taos Writing and Wellness Retreat for Health Professions. In a location wealthy with inspiration, a group of health professionals—creative writing novices and experienced authors alike—gather every August to explore the written word. The participants/contributors range from physicians, physician-professors, nurses, and other health professionals.

The stories are work that was brought to the retreat to be refined and stories or poems that came out of retreat exercises. The stories are funny, heartfelt, heartbreaking, sad, and uplifting. They are little edited and come to you from the retreat.

 The artwork is from retreat participants inspired by the Northern New Mexico setting.

—Max McMillen, ELS